Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

My mom’s birthday was on October 30th, and throughout her life she was always making allusions to being a “witch”. Her first “gift” witch was one that hung from the IV pole in her hospital room after her hysterectomy, after that, we were constantly presenting her with little witches as “thinking of you” gifts.

One of the funniest witch events though involved a broom. My dad would often snatch the closest broom at hand whenever he wanted to sweep up something in the garage. Often the closest broom at hand was the “good” broom my mom used for the kitchen. After one or two uses in the garage though, the broom would be rendered “too dirty” for sweeping in the house and would join the collection of garage brooms in the far corner of the garage.

So one day, after my dad had swiped yet another kitchen broom, my mom went to the store, bought a new broom and a thick-tipped, black sharpie marker with which she labeled the broom “Joy’s broom.”

She showed the broom to my Dad. “See. It’s labeled. Joy’s broom. Do NOT use it in the garage.”

The next day she came into the kitchen and picked up the broom to sweep.

My dad taken the sharpie and added: “Not to exceed 10,000 feet AGL* or 200 MPH.”

*AGL = Above Ground Level

5 thoughts on “Bewitching Halloween Memories

  1. Charles Florence says:

    Ha! Good one. LOL cw Very telling about your father to those that know him.

  2. Floyd Williamson says:

    Dear Michelle, I know that you do not remember me, but your Dad forwards me your “Cheese Grits articles and I really do enjoy them. This one is so typical of Tony and so Heart warming. I had a couple of planes at Covington Airport when your Mom was working there and I remember when you were in school and would come to the airport. I was always impressed with “what a sweet little girl” you were. I was so Proud to hear that you had excelled so well and received your Phd. I hope that you continue to do so well, and keep writing these great little articles. Floyd Williamson

    1. Michele Arduengo says:

      Hi Mr. Williamson,

      Actually I do remember you. Both Mom and Dad always spoke highly of you. And though I often tried to appear as if I wasn’t paying much attention to what my parents said, I was…
      Good to hear from you.

  3. sylviamorice says:

    What a strange coincidence, Michelle! My mom’s birthday is also Oct 30, and she was teased about almost being a Hallowe’en goblin. She would have been 81 this past Friday, and I visited her at the graveyard for a bit. Maybe she and your mom would have been friends…nice story, by the way.

  4. Alice says:

    Your dad has a wicked sense of humor as do I. Since your mother married him, I’m sure she did as well.

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