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This is an unusual post for Cheese Grits, but I cannot remain silent on this issue. I’m tired of bigots defining Christianity for the rest of the world. It’s high time some other Christians speak up.

Televangelist Pat Robertson has made some truly horrid remarks in reference to the earthquake in Haiti. He is one of those individuals who call themselves Christians, yet leave no room in their hearts for love or mercy or kindness, all major teachings of Christ. His remarks, which kick people while they are down in the name of Christianity, are simply unconscionable.

Admittedly my view of how God works is more open than most. You see, I don’t think God is finished with Creation. Case in point: me. God certainly isn’t finished with me. I’m not perfect, and I have much learning and growing to do, and because of that there is a great deal of chaos still in my life. On top of that God is a “parent” who loves me enough to give me my own free will, and because of that the chaos becomes even greater.

It makes sense to me then, as I look around, that there is still much chaos in the unfinished universe. And that chaos can manifest itself in many, many ways. Unfortunately it recently manifested itself as an earthquake that released 250 years of seismic stress in a densely populated and very poor area of our world.

God did not cause that earthquake. It happened. Period.

Accidents happen. Bad things happen, and sometimes it’s just chaos. No one person or intelligent entity caused them.

A human parent can’t always stop a child from falling and scraping a knee or running out into traffic and getting hit by a car even though that parent may see the accident coming. But the loving parent can lift the child up, providing a hug and a bandage for the smaller wounds, expert care from doctors and nurses for the bigger ones.

God, the parent, can do the same for the people of Haiti. God can open our hearts so that we become the loving arms of God that reach out, lift up and enfold the people of Haiti, providing aid to those people who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their health. God can move doctors and nurses to volunteer time. God can move military units to put down arms and take up blankets and teddy bears. God can move those of us with financial resources to donate.

So if you are one of those people who normally would donate to the ministry of Pat Robertson this week or this month, here is my challenge to you. There are tens of thousands of people in Haiti who need to feel God’s love in their lives right now. Instead of donating your money to Pat Robertson, take that money donate it to a legitimate aid organization that is helping some of the earthquake victims (I have put some links below).

Open your hearts to a love that is bigger than yourself. Become a vessel for finishing God’s work in this world and practicing peace, hope, love and joy.

United Methodist Committee on Relief
Salvation Army
American Red Cross

Note: Make sure any web site you visit is legitimate and any charity you donate to actually gets the donations to the causes that need it. The Better Business Bureau has a great web site for checking out various US charitable organizations.

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