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Alice, whose blog, My Wintersong is listed on my blog roll, is a Southern sister who blogs, and I have enjoyed getting to know her through her comments on my blog and her own blog writing. In response to my recent post, You’re stuck with me, I promise, she awarded me an “Over the Top” award. It’s always nice to get affirmation of your writing, and I am really flattered (and honored) that Alice thinks enough of my blog to consider it worth the award. So, thank you Alice.

When Alice sent along this award it came with a one-word survey and instructions to pass the award along to three other deserving bloggers. Typically, I do not forward surveys and mass e-mails to others, so I’ll not pass along the one-word survey to the bloggers whose work I have enjoyed. However, I really like the idea of complimenting their work and posting links to their blogs for my readers to enjoy.

So, click along to these over-the-top blogs for more good reads:

I have really enjoyed reading the Friday Sprog Blog, in which Dr. Free Ride describes fascinating conversations with her elder and younger offspring. As a mom and a scientist, I love the smiles, laughter and “ah ha’s” that these conversations bring to mind.

Since discovering knitting I have also discovered Yarn Harlot, a popular blog by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This December 2009 post from her is decidedly over-the-top, and certainly worth a peak. It should bring a smile to your face if you have ever attempted such a home-brew project…

I’m a big fan of high-quality education/teaching materials and reading. The blog “Just Call Me Mrs. Frizzle” has all kinds of suggestions for lesson plans, links to interesting articles, ideas for laboratories to get students engaged and learning and thinking for themselves. The more we can do to support the teachers who are going above and beyond to bring quality into their classroom and demand quality from their students, the better.

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