Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

Well, I’ve done it now. I awoke at 5:15 am on my 44th birthday and started reading Knitting blogs while the coffee brewed. The February 5, 2010 blog from Yarn Harlot has her packing for Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, where she will be participating in her own way: knitting. She originally issued the challenge the last time Canada hosted the Winter Olympics, and is at it again. I realize that I have only been training for this event since October, but I can choose my level of competition, and I’m not choosing Fair Isle or anything like that: I’m going to attempt my first pair of socks.

Update on 2/12/2010: I will knit with a quiet heart however. The winter Olympics opens this year on a somber note with the loss of one of its world-class athletes during a luge training run. The 21-year-old athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili, lost control of his sled and crashed. Doctors were unable to revive him. It is hard to imagine such vital youth gone in an instant. Those who strive for excellence, to lift themselves up, take risk in doing so. They stand as shining examples for the rest of us, reminding us that achievement, be it athletic, artistic or intellectual incurs risk, requires valor and can be unimaginably costly. We need those people to light our way, to remind us what it really takes to be more than we are.

I spent some time in Vancouver a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with that city. They were preparing for the games then, and I feel a part of their preparations. They should be a wonderful Winter Games host, even given the rough start. The challenge is on. The torch is soon to be lit. Let the flame warm our hearts and spirits, and let’s take that warmth out into the world around us.

My first sock.

Update on 2/14/2010. Happy Valentines Day. Here is a picture of my first sock attempt. So far, so good. I’ve had a lot of “help” from my daughter “counting”, which has made things interesting at times. My first project using double-pointed needles is going okay, so maybe there is a chance for an “Olympic” medal after all.

2 thoughts on “The Knitting Olympics

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m in! I am going to finish those socks for Alan, and maybe tackle my first color project (not with 137 stiches though). That is why I crochet all blackets. 😉

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