Misadventures in Wellness

Okay here’s the deal. Working up “a good sweat” does not make me feel good. It makes me feel sweaty. I don’t enjoy exercise for the sake of exercise. My idea of well spent leisure time involves curling up with a good book, sitting down to write or knitting and chatting with friends. That is who I am.

But I am also overweight, have not-great lipid values and a family history of diabetes. And, I don’t want to become a demented 60-year-old obese diabetic with clogged arteries. Check.

I have joined Weight Watchers, lost weight, gained it back.

I have signed up for this exercise class or that, started with all kinds of enthusiasm, and not continued.

I have the Lose-It App on my iPhone. I actually lost 8 pounds, but then, mysteriously just stopped entering the data, even with success on my side.

I do climb stairs instead of taking elevators, and I do enjoy long walks in the sunshine. Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin, and long walks in the sunshine are relegated to a few months out of the year.

Just the other day I decided, “Okay, your lifestyle is too sedentary, but every attempt to add more has failed, even if it involves a large monetary investment. So now just try to add wellness value to your existing lifestyle.”

So I bought one of those little pedal stands that could sit under my desk, thinking I could pedal away while I worked. Darn near impossible to do in a desk chair with wheels. You should have seen me try to type…

5 thoughts on “Misadventures in Wellness

  1. Michele,
    You can do it!

    I have been trying to take resonable portions at meal times and then leave one bite on the plate. Not that I have seen any results, but I am ever hopeful.

    Just a few more weeks until spring!

  2. Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh!! It rings so true. Now off to my massage and the chocolate tasting event at the new wine bar in Omaha. No sweating involved!

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