Grits and Purls

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So my lifestyle change has started off well, yielding the desired 1.0 pound/week weight loss that I am aiming for. Very slow, very tedious, but the more slowly it comes off, the more likely it is to stay off. And, the more likely I am to actually effect a lifestyle change rather than a “diet and exercise program” that has a defined beginning and end, ending me up right where I was when I started.

The problem with my lifestyle change is that the weight, as has been the case with past diet and exercise programs I have tried, apparently has come off my feet.

Whew! I have always been so concerned about my great big feet. (Not!)

Even in my overweight state, my feet are small. When I go to buy shoes, my shoe size is at the small end of the offering. If I lose a shoe size, I will begin to have difficulty finding shoes.

I suppose that I should rejoice that all of my shoes are now a little too big, slipping at the heel just a little. I suppose that I should be happy that my new cross trainers that I bought to accommodate my more mobile self now require extra tight lacing.

Really, what I had envisioned was hiking up my dress slacks because they keep slipping from my shrinking waist or wearing one of my button-down blouses without having to add a safety pin to keep it from gaping in the front.

Instead, what I get is weight loss in my feet, and to be totally truthful, more shapely calves and ankles, too. I’ll be ready for shorts and sandals when the warm weather finally makes its appearance (if the sandals I just bought aren’t too big). Both of my grandmothers had very nice looking legs throughout their entire life, so maybe I’m just being true to my genetics and heritage by shaping up the lower extremities first.

Our feet are pretty amazing when you stop and think about them. Even Leonardo DaVinci is quoted as having said “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” The human foot contains 26 bones and 33 joints, 20 of which articulate. Our feet support all of our weight, take a huge pounding when we walk, and even more we run. We stuff them into stiletto heels and snow boots, and they still hold up. And, when we pamper them just a little by kicking off our work shoes at the end of a hard day or get a foot massage, they reward us with instant relief.

Feet are so amazing that they are the subject of many a cliché and metaphor. We can put our foot down, put our foot in our mouth (a feat at which I am accomplished), and foot the bill. We can be light on our feet or we can put one foot in front of the other, and we all know that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” One Roosevelt admonished us to “tread lightly” and another to keep “our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground”.

So, yes the human foot is a mighty and impressive structure, often taken for granted. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that my feet benefit first from my healthier lifestyle after all.

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One thought on “Tread Lightly with Those Big Feet

  1. Kelly says:

    I say where ever it comes off it is a good thing, I’d be happy with one pound a week instead of down five, up four. I know that is still one pound, but it is disheartening somehow. And if those sandals are too big, celebrate spring and buy new ones!!

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