Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

Boys in ties

Boys trying on attire cloths

I recently came across some work my son did in the second grade. The teacher supplied a list of words and he had to provide definitions. Some of them are below, spelling uncorrected. They are an entertaining insight into the mind of this particular little boy, and I think they have a wisdom that is all their own. The italics are mine.

I was clever when I lernd how to controle the T.V. wile my dad wasn’t looking. I am clever when I pass my math test.
(Give yourself a pat on the back now and then)

I wore attire cloths when I went to my cosons wedding!
(Occasionally, get dressed up)

My monotone food is a taco! (Try to eat multicolored food)

I grumbl when I donte want to go to bed. My brother grumbled when he dident get to play basball.
(Sometimes, you just need to have a grumble. Brothers are good grumbling partners)

If I had a big talint it would be driving a monster truk and I am alredy talented at walking on my hands.
(If you’ve got it, flaunt it)

My opinion is that studints should be given longer recess breaks.
(Speak your opinion. Someone may be listening)

When my brother was running arownd the house and being obnoxious I felt happy and did it with him.
(Be spontaneous)

Our etiquette is knok befor you go to the bath room.
(Good manners may save you much embarrassment)

When I was playing sky guner on the computer my brother disterbed me by making me look at his drawings and I felt nerves that my plain was going to blow up.
(Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from important tasks)

An atom is so miniatur that you can’t see it. (The universe is awesome)

My basement is a hodgepodge when I go down. But my room is very clean.
(Keep your clutter out of sight)

I showd affection when my brother fell off the edg of a chair. And my mom showd affection when I fell off my bike.
(Love conquers all)

My famely has inhabeted Scotland Europ a lot.
(Find a place where you belong)

I don’t thingk I have seen a braggart.
(Never confuse a boggart with a braggart)

A good way to keep your teeth from being decy is to eat good food.
(You are what you eat)

Something daily that happens is sleeping. Something undaily is school. IF my birthday was daily I would get tird of it.
(You can get too much of a good thing)

The emotion I like is happy I don’t like mad. When I am happy I am joyfull.
(Live life to the full)

I was feeble when I cut the back of my knee. It felt very bad. To help a feeble you should get exersiz.
(Need I say more?)

About galant peopol I feel special. And I feel the same way when I was galant when I slept with the light off.
(Face your fears gallantly)

Something that gleames that I have is a golden egg and I keep it gleaming by washing it.
(Look after your stuff)

Me and my brother are going to biuld a big car out of constroshion paper in harmony.
(Seek reconciliation)

When I loaf I like to watch T.V. I like to be aktive.
(Be nice to yourself. Loaf occasionally)

The milistone in my life would be when I learend to ride a two weeled bike and I felt I could ride it five miles is how it affected me.
(Savor your victories, and never let a milestone become a millstone)

If I could occupy any kind of house I wold like to have a twelve story house with lots of rooms.
(Dream big)

If I could I would interview Aberham Linkon and ask how he stoped slavery.
(Learn from your heroes)

I could’ent convince my Dad to get my birthday presents erly.
(Know when to quit)

Today I think I will try to do something gallant, and then I will let myself enjoy that gallant feeling for a while.

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