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Until I moved to Wisconsin, I had never been to a state fair. We had them in Georgia, but my family never went. I lived in Iowa for four years but never made it to that state fair, but when I got married, my husband, an Illinois native, told me that the Wisconsin State Fair is the best in the nation. I believe him. I have attended this fair several years in a row, and I look forward to it every year. It’s a great experience for our daughter, and I love seeing the fair through her senses because I see, hear, smell, taste and feel so much.

There are a lot of reasons to visit the WI State Fair, here are a few:

  1. You can collect a huge assortment of tattoos—enough to keep you from having to wash your arms for an entire year, until the next state fair.
  2. You can make a T-shirt with every animal footprint imaginable stamped on it, and get paint all over your mom while you do it!
  3. It’s the only place you can see animal poop displayed in a glass case and have a DNR scientist help you guess which animal it came from and then give you a stamp for looking at it.
  4. You can see baby chicks hatching from an incubator and listen to your heart beat and a pig’s and a cow’s.
  5. You can shout “Yee Haw” as you ride the ponies at the fair.
  6. Everywhere you turn there is something new to touch. You can pet the ponies, touch the chicks, squish the cream of the cream puff, feel the heat radiating from the pavement or the occasional refreshing breeze across your face.
  7. Everywhere you go there is something interesting to hear. You can stop and listen to the bagpipes playing and clap for the kid fiddlers on stage.
  8. Everywhere you turn go there is something interesting to see: magicians in top hats, cows dressed up for competition, dinosaurs roaring, quilts with dragons and flowers on them, sunflowers in vases.
  9. Everywhere you walk there is something new to smell: apple cider donuts, baked potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, flowers of all kinds and colors, fresh potting soil, hay and straw, scat.
  10. It’s the only time Mom will let you smear her face with whipped cream. Yes, I confess my husband and I showed our daughter how much fun it is to put the whipped cream from the cream puffs on the noses of the people around you (with apologies in advance to her preschool teachers).

The Wisconsin State Fair is an incredible opportunity for Wisconsin residents. You can learn about our state, places to go, things to do, local vendors to buy from. You can see the incredible work of Wisconsin residents from baked goods to woodcraft to animals showcased for all to admire. It’s a great time, close to home. And, it is the best fair in the nation.

© 2010 Michele Arduengo. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Top Reasons to Visit the WI State Fair

  1. Wow, I’m ashamed to admit this, but the last time I was at the Wisconsin State Fair, I wasn’t even living in Wisconsin. I was still in Michigan, working for a Clydesdale farm up in Grayling, and we’d brought several Clydesdales down to show at the fair. That was the trip I got kicked in the head by a mare named Katharine (which probably explains a lot about me) and started bleeding profusely from my scalp, to the horror of all who were watching. It wasn’t her fault, though, she was just swinging her hind leg at a fly on her belly while I was bent down washing the feathers on her front feet, and my head got in the way…

    So, moral of the story is, I should probably go back to the fair and make some new memories there. 🙂

    1. Michele says:

      Hi Caroline,

      That is quite a story. And yes, I think you should return so that you generate some new, less “sanguine” memories associated with the state fair.


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