Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

Last week, I was reading a book catalog as part of the constant effort to improve the collection and to keep up with the mail. Some of the titles were so amusing I decided to have a little fun. The bits in italics are book titles – yes, real book titles. The rest are my musings. Enjoy!

The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest – got stung?

Hell bent – and froze over too.   (But it didn’t break.)

Finger lickin’ fifteen – so good it requires three hands!

Plum spooky – pears, apples, cinnamon.  Chutney, anyone?

My husband’s sweethearts – um, that would be me, me , and oh yes, me!

The complete idiot’s guide to the constitution – 535 copies to Capitol Hill, please!

Cast Iron cookbook – for cast iron stomachs – the hardest, toughest recipes ever put between two slabs of cardboard or Texas toast.

The only grant-writing book – well, if it will do the job, you only need one. Does it type or use voice-activated software?

20/20 thinking – a book about hindsight?

And finally,…
You’ve been warned – enough said!

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One thought on “Book Title Spoofs

  1. Michele says:

    I particularly like the tag lines for “The complete idiot’s guide to the constitution” and “cast iron cookbook”. Since I’m usually reading about what happens on capital hill while eating dinner, I need a cast iron stomach. I’m probably going to be on a diet of plain rice and peptodismal soon…;-0

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