Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

When you have a child, the kitchen pantry becomes a far more imaginative place. For instance mix a devil’s food cake with a little pudding, top it with crushed Oreos and add few gummy worms and you have “dirt”. Use vanilla pudding, crushed vanilla wafers and add Swedish fish and a cocktail umbrella, and you suddenly have a sandy beach. It’s not just desserts and snacks that get renamed and dressed up though. Want a healthy after school snack? Fill a celery stick with peanut butter and add a few raisins and you have “ants on a muddy log.”

Certainly at our house many staples have taken on new identities since our little one has become interested in foods and “cooking”. For instance, Ritz crackers are called “circle” crackers, and the old standard saltines are “square” crackers. Occasionally we also have oval and rectangle crackers too. Cheez-Its are not Cheez-Its, they are alphabet crackers. Swedish pancakes are roll-up pancakes. Ask for these things by any other name at our house and you will be met with a puzzled look.

The latest food to gain a new name in our house is the Gala apple. Apples are a staple snack around here, especially now that Strawberry season is over. Now that Fall has arrived and the produce sections and farmer’s markets are bursting with all kinds of apples, I am having fun introducing my daughter to different kinds of apples. I don’t know if we will make a trip to an apple orchard this year. I hope so, because I think she would love to wander among the trees and pick her own.

She has always liked Honey Crisp, and she’s been a fan of Golden Delicious apples for a while. A couple of weeks ago at the grocery store she was standing, amazed at the wall of apples on display, when I suggested we purchase some Gala apples to bring home because they are really sweet, juicy apples that are good for snacking.

“What does gala mean?” she asked

“A gala is a great big party or celebration.”

“Oh, these are party apples.”

“Yes these are party apples.”

When we got home that day, almost immediately she asked me to slice her a “party” apple, which I did, placing the slices in a bowl.

“Here are your party apples.”

She looked at the sliced apples thoughtfully. “The party apples need sprinkles.”

“Sprinkles.” I thought to myself. “You would put sprinkles on a sirloin steak given the chance.”

But it wasn’t an unreasonable request, so I got the rainbow ice cream sprinkles and added a few to the apple slices. It was really quite an attractive addition—festive—almost like a gala event.

I guess she had a point. Party apples do require sprinkles. Just like Oreos require “dunking milk”.

© 2011 Michele Arduengo. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Party Apples in the Kitchen

  1. I LOVE Gala apples…always have them on hand to eat, sliced thin with a bit of cheese added for protein. Here we call them Royal Gala, but I’m sure they’re the same thing as what you have. Crisp and crunchy and oh-so-delicious. So glad that your little one enjoys them too!

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