Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

Snapshot 4 (6-10-2012 7-16 PM)Actually we have about one month until summer, but it seems as though old man winter has finally loosened his grip on Southern Wisconsin, and for this we rejoice. The bees are buzzing; white skippers are flitting around; robins, killdeer and even goldfinches grace the trees.

We have enjoyed down time around a fire pit, getting to know our neighbors. Children are running through the sprinklers, and it’s time for vanilla ice cream on the deck.

Things are a little more relaxed as the weather gets better and the days get longer. Bedtimes slide a little, and I think even the teachers are going a little lighter on the homework. Or, maybe it’s just Mom who is going a little lighter on the homework.

The playlists of our lives start to include more of the fun stuff like Fogerty’s Centerfield or some Buffet classics—perfect for our easy livin’ lifestyle.

Summer fair season begins, festivals, farmer’s markets and art walks abound. All summer any kind of food you want can be deep fried and mounted on a stick for easy transport to the pig races.

Critters join the chorus of children, frogs calling, singing their love songs of spring and summer; birds heralding the rising sun and oncoming twilight. Soon lightning bugs will be starting the evening fireworks, and the same little hands that captured that unlucky little green frog in the back yard last week, will be running around trying to wrap their hands around the magic of nighttime luminescence.

For the adults the summer will rush by…almost in a blur. For the children, who still live fully in every minute, the summer will seem to last forever—carefree, marred by no schedules, no school days. But even for the most jaded adult, summer can still be magical. Perhaps it’s one little league baseball game played on the perfect afternoon, the crack of the bat, the cheer of the home team, the dusty smile on a kid’s face as he slides safely into home—or a picnic at a state park watching the most perfect sunset over a still, quiet lake—or a bike ride along the Sugar River—you never know when it will happen, but summer will work her magic, and once again you will find yourself infinitely lost in a moment, forgetting the future and living easy in the summertime bliss.

So as tulips and daffodils give way to lilies and irises, I raise my glass of lemonade in salute to summer, and her perfection. As the trees go from bright green to dark green and the canopy of the forest thickens with the sounds of newly hatched birds, I raise my glass. It’s summertime. And while it doesn’t last forever, like it did when I was a kid, the livin’ is still easy.

© 2013 Michele Arduengo All rights reserved.


One thought on “Summertime Easy Livin’

  1. Michele, I love this post and feel exactly the same way about summer’s approach and slower days. Have fun.

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