Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

painting-pumpkins-cOnce upon a time there were two rather nondescript-looking characters— orange spheres, not quite perfect spheres; they were just a little bit squatty. They looked a lot like the other orange spheres that were in the field around them. They knew that they were really special on the inside but no one could see it on the outside. Then, one day, a Gentleman came along and bought them.

He put them into a dark trunk, and the orange spheres were afraid that they had been kidnapped by some nefarious villain. They were relieved when he removed them from the trunk of the car at a suburban house and placed him in the grass in the back yard. How they longed to climb on the swing set and sail the seven seas on the fort.

Then the next day the Gentleman and his Daughter brought out a big piece of cardboard and set it in the full sun. They placed the orange spheres on the cardboard. All around them, the orange spheres could see the brilliant fall colors on the leaves contrasting against the deep blue sky and the dark green lawns. Geese honked and flew in their V-formations toward the south.

Then Mother brought out paints and brushes, and the Gentleman and his Daughter said—“This one is a princess, and that one is a pirate.”

Finally someone had seen the nondescript orange spheres for what they really were.

The Daughter carefully arranged a full color palette on the cardboard and began work on the princess. The Gentleman began revealing the features of the pirate.
And so my family spent a delightful fall weekend, painting pumpkins that now grace our front porch. The pirate and the princess sit next to each other, and across from them the sits a winking fairy-god pumpkin and our second annual pink pumpkin.

I really do think Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather is glorious, if fleeting. There are so many memories to make and so much fun to be had—bonfires, roasting marshmallows, fall festivals, corn mazes and so many other delights.

If you want, you can imagine anything– from a Great Pumpkin who delivers Halloween candy, to a princess and a pirate each trapped in the shell of a pumpkin, just waiting to express themselves and have their stories told.

Happy, Happy Fall.

© 2013 Michele Arduengo. All rights reserved.

One thought on “The Pirate and the Princess

  1. Linda O'Connell says:

    Wonderful little story and great odea that I will use with my students.

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