Grits and Purls

Spinning yarns about the grit of life

Calendar for today on white background. Isolated 3D imageMy daughter has been fighting bedtime with a purple passion over the last week. Finally, I asked her why she was so determined to get permission to stay up late.

“I’m practicing.”

“Practicing for what?”

“New Year’s Eve.”


I sure wish she would put that much passion and tenacity into practicing writing or sewing or music or soccer. But no, the thing that my daughter has decided to apply herself to is staying up late to ring in the New Year. This from the girl who gleefully announced her “birthday month” earlier this year, and did indeed have at least four separate birthday celebrations. I think I may have given birth to a party animal, which, if you really know me, is hugely ironic.

Only once in my life have I ever managed to ring in the New Year. Only a couple of times did I pull all-nighters in college, never for parties.

But I do remember trying so very hard as a kid staying up late watching TV in an attempt to see Dick Clark count down from 10 as the ball dropped in Times Square. I do remember being excited about the possibility held by a new year. I remember thinking it was magical that the year would turn from 1974 to 1975, that I would leave school for Christmas break and return to school in a NEW year. A NEW year, with no mistakes in it.

It was exciting.

Now I tend to forget the excitement and instead focus on the hassles of year-end flexible account reimbursements, tax receipt collecting, and property tax paying. I’m so focused on tying up the loose ends of 2013 that I don’t think about the potential of the new year of 2014.

I don’t practice for the New Year. I don’t imagine its potential. I don’t stop and dream about the future. I don’t get excited about the future; I just get distracted by the past.

The “omniscient” they say practice makes perfect. Maybe my daughter has the right idea. If we want a good New Year, we need to practice, get excited and enter it with the right attitude.

So instead of wishing you a happy and blessed New Year, I’ll ask you a question:

Have you been practicing for your New Year?

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