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easter_cMy daughter spent two days with Grandma and Papa this spring break.

On Friday immediately after coming home from school, she marched upstairs and started packing. By bedtime on Friday night, she started hauling down suitcases and bags full of stuff from her bedroom to take on her trip. This continued all weekend. Mariah, our dog, could barely find her food bowl now because of all of the stuff that was going to Grandma’s—which was staged in our kitchen.

My daughter even wanted to go to bed early on Sunday night so that she could wake up extra early on Monday morning to leave.

She even gave her engineer Daddy directions on how best to pack things in the car—for maximum efficiency.

My daughter was just a little excited.

She was not going to Daytona or Destin or Key West. She was not going to Disney World.

She was going down the road a piece to Rockford, Il., where she baked an angel food cake and helped Grandma crack 60 eggs for the Easter Taganu, a traditional noodle, cheese and egg dish from the Aragona region of Sicily.

“You know what, Mom?”

“No, I don’t know. What?”

“Every time I ask Grandma if we can go to Mickey D’s for dinner, she says ‘ask Papa’. And I do, and he always says, ‘yes’. They spoil me.”

“Hmm…guess I’ll have to have a word with them.” I smiled.

While she visits she is schedule-free, able to play as much as she wants, paint or color or run outside without thought to having to be somewhere by a certain time. She is surrounded by unconditional love, patience and a little over indulgence. And, I’m delighted. Every child needs a place like that to go, a place where everything is okay and calm and relaxed, a place where there are always open arms to hug you and you know that you are loved.

She is very fortunate to have this kind of relationship with her grandparents.

I am very fortunate to have in laws who are such wonderful grandparents to my little girl.

Sometimes, I wish I could go to Grandma’s and make angel food cake and crack 60 eggs for the Taganu.

Perhaps next year I will send my husband and daughter to Florida, and I will go to Grandma’s for a week…

©2015 Michele Arduengo. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “To Grandma and Papa’s She Goes

  1. Liz says:

    I loved my visits with my Grandparents….always a treat.

    1. Michele says:

      You should see how excited Mariah gets when we tell her, she is going to go to Grandma and Papa’s!

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