IMGP2373Saturday night my two-year-old daughter gave a special, by-invitation-only concert for my husband and me. She pushed a chair from the kitchen table to the kitchen island. She turned the copy stand that was holding my spiral-bound Fruits, Nuts and Flakes family cookbook so that it faced her.

“Hmm” she thumbed through the pages of the cookbook, now her “songbook”.

“Oh. This a good one,” she nodded her head approvingly and cleared her throat seriously. Continue reading “ELL-MINNOW-PEE”

Pasta Sauce in the Sippy Cup

emc_spaghetti_dec07Oops! You put pasta sauce in the sippy cup and chocolate milk on the spaghetti.

If you are a mom, you are probably smiling right now. Roget’s Thesaurus should list “multitask” as a synonym for “Mom.” As it turns out, human brains have limited ability to switch back and forth from one task to another, and the more complicated the tasks, the more time our brains need to make the switch. Raising a child is about as complicated as a task can get, so it’s truly a wonder that any dinners ever reach the table if Mom is caring for a child while she cooks. Continue reading “Pasta Sauce in the Sippy Cup”