Letting Go and Having Your Cheerios Too

My daughter, like all babies, could grab things and hang on long before she knew how to let go of them. She would grab a toy and then become frustrated when she couldn’t let go of it so that she could pick up the next toy that caught her attention. She would stare at her hands trying to figure out how to make them open up and let go. Continue reading “Letting Go and Having Your Cheerios Too”

First Robin of Spring

My husband and I were clearing the driveway for the fourth time in two days, when he suggested that I write about snow. I replied that anything I wrote about snow this winter would not be suitable for a G-rated column. So instead I am writing, with great hope, about the First Robin of Spring. Continue reading “First Robin of Spring”

Grits with Cheese and Pop

We were walking in the backyard at Christmas, stepping gingerly from grassy spot to grassy spot. The iron-red dirt had become mud in the rainy season, but it was 60 degrees out and the sun was shining. “Do you have any pop?” I asked.

Mom and Dad stopped and stared at me in disbelief. “Do we have any what? Did you just say ‘pop’?” Continue reading “Grits with Cheese and Pop”