Practically a Teenager

“I’ll be 9, which is almost 10, which is practically a teenager…so don’t call me little…”

That is how some of the conversation at our house has gone recently.

“Whoa! Slow down there partner, you’re still 8 right now, and you will never have the chance to be 8 years old again, so make sure you REALLY enjoy these next couple of days. And when you turn 9, don’t rush into teenager. Enjoy being 9; it only comes around once in a lifetime.”

As I rapidly approach my collision course with the half-century mark, I truly understand the quote “Youth is wasted on the young.” Continue reading “Practically a Teenager”

Celebrating Life

We celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday a little early this year with a party for a few friends and a lot of family at Skelly’s Pumpkin Farm. It was a beautiful day, perfect for outdoor fun, and I think a good time was had by all (although that may be the last time I voluntarily take nine 5-year-olds through a corn maze). We did make it out though, and nobody had to call 911 to be found. It was a special day for the birthday girl, surrounded by friends and family who were there to celebrate with her.

I once had a friend tell me that she preferred not to celebrate her birthday because she didn’t want to be reminded that she was getting old. While I respect her right to her opinion, I don’t understand it. Continue reading “Celebrating Life”

Birthday Lessons

I recently had a birthday, which means I have become somewhat of an expert at birthdays, having celebrated my fair share of them. I haven’t had nearly as many as my brother and sister, evidenced by the fact that I can still remember their birthdays (ahem, ahem). However, as usual, it is my toddler-aged daughter who has managed to teach me something about birthdays.

First, to quote her “I like candles”.

She’s right. Candles are cool. You can light them, turn off the overhead lamps, and the sparkle of the candle light reflects in the smiling eyes of the people you love who have gathered around to wish you well on your special day.

The more candles you can light and blow out the better. Thinking about candles brings to mind my twenty-fifth birthday. Continue reading “Birthday Lessons”