The Dog Ate My Christmas Present

Our silly tomten.
Our silly tomten.

We have four gifts under our tree right now. All of them were purchased by our daughter for Grandpa, Grandma, Mom (me) and Dad. That’s it, four gifts. And the dog ate mine.

Okay, perhaps that is just a bit of an exaggeration. The dog opened mine. My daughter and her sitter arrived home first, and they were able to rewrap the present.

It’s been that kind of Christmas season. Continue reading “The Dog Ate My Christmas Present”

Of Bakeries and Books

2014-03-15_13-31-01_967When I was a little girl, about 5 or 6 years old, my daddy had a machine shop in the Old Atlantic Ice House in Decatur, GA. Decatur is the city that didn’t become Atlanta because the rail yards weren’t located there, and because of that managed to hang on to its small town charm for a very long time. The Ice House was a decrepit old building of many floors (I remember 17, but I think that is a child’s memory), built like a stack of blocks with each floor getting progressively smaller as you ascended. Only once did I ever climb to the little bitty block at the top.

Mostly I played with the box collection that my daddy kept for me in the front offices, or I balanced on long pieces of steel I-beam that were laying on the floor waiting to become a frame for some new project. Occasionally I rooted around in the back, finding such treasures as old, rusted out horse shoes—which I still have. Continue reading “Of Bakeries and Books”

Broken Window Panes

photo of pebblesMy daughter’s head is full of rocks. And so are her pockets. She often comes home with pockets full of rocks collected from the playground or side of the road. Most of the time I find this charming—until my bare foot finds a pointy one in the living room carpet or I find a handful collected at the bottom of our washing machine.

When I was her age, I had a rock collection. We lived along a dirt road, and often I found pieces of rose or smoky quartz sticking out from the road cut alongside the drainage ditch. Everyone in my family knew I was crazy about pretty rocks. My brother gave me a coffee table book titled Gemstones and wrote in the front cover that it was “for the girl with rocks in her head”.

Recently as I watched my daughter fascinated with her own rocks, I remembered a visit from one of my adult cousins and her husband, who is a geologist. Continue reading “Broken Window Panes”

Summertime Easy Livin’

Snapshot 4 (6-10-2012 7-16 PM)Actually we have about one month until summer, but it seems as though old man winter has finally loosened his grip on Southern Wisconsin, and for this we rejoice. The bees are buzzing; white skippers are flitting around; robins, killdeer and even goldfinches grace the trees.

We have enjoyed down time around a fire pit, getting to know our neighbors. Children are running through the sprinklers, and it’s time for vanilla ice cream on the deck.

Things are a little more relaxed as the weather gets better and the days get longer. Bedtimes slide a little, and I think even the teachers are going a little lighter on the homework. Or, maybe it’s just Mom who is going a little lighter on the homework. Continue reading “Summertime Easy Livin’”