November Quiet

IMGP6083My daughter’s birthday month got off to an early start when she received her birthday card from the Green Bay Packers on October 31. Finally, an organization that appreciates November with the same enthusiasm as my daughter!

Typically we don’t get excited about November. It’s that brown month between the captivating color change and crisp fall air of October and the lights, tinsel and snow of December. The harvest is in. The fields are barren; the birds have migrated, and the snow has not yet covered the earth in its white winter blanket.

November is the month of naked trees, early nightfall, and frosty mornings. It’s monochromatic. In the United States, the even the major holiday in November, Thanksgiving, is primarily black, white and brown—harkening to pilgrims, turkeys, and a harvest brought in.

At first glance it is a plain month, a quiet month, a slow month.

And in our society we are not comfortable with plain, quiet and slow. Continue reading “November Quiet”

Open Spaces

I once wrote about my daughter learning to let go in order to experience new things, and I made the statement that when we let go, we are left with open space and that open spaces make us nervous.

My daughter is walking now, and her new challenges involve bending over to pick up an object and standing up without using something for support. She is learning how to function in the middle, in open space, rather than at the edge, where all she has to do is hang on. Our challenges with open spaces start early in life. Continue reading “Open Spaces”