The Dog Ate My Christmas Present

Our silly tomten.
Our silly tomten.

We have four gifts under our tree right now. All of them were purchased by our daughter for Grandpa, Grandma, Mom (me) and Dad. That’s it, four gifts. And the dog ate mine.

Okay, perhaps that is just a bit of an exaggeration. The dog opened mine. My daughter and her sitter arrived home first, and they were able to rewrap the present.

It’s been that kind of Christmas season. Continue reading “The Dog Ate My Christmas Present”

A Rave Run

Outbound Road
Runner’s World has a feature called “Rave Run” where they showcase exceptional places to run, usually accompanied by wonderful pictures of runs through some scenic location. I cannot look at one of these pictures without wanting to go to the featured location. I would like to be able to run in all of them. I have some nice runs around my neighborhood, in the autumn it is especially nice to run on country roads framed with vibrant red and yellow maples, or on trails that pass sleepy farmhouses and still waters. I’ve enjoyed some good runs, but I have one rave run.

I get to do my rave run every summer. Out and back it’s about 5 miles, mentally it takes me a thousand miles from my normal everyday life, and somehow shows me what matters and what does not. The first characteristic of my rave run is the absolute quiet and stillness of the setting, the second is its physical beauty. There is something about the combination of a feast for the eyes, silence and physical exertion that clears the mind and uplifts the spirit. Continue reading “A Rave Run”

The Math of My Life and My Laundry

The Laundry Pile
Mathematics is the language of the universe, the foundation on which all things are built. If I had appreciated that in school, I might have paid more attention and worked harder to understand it. Lately I have been realizing that mathematical principles can apply even to the most mundane activities of everyday life.
Proportionality is the relationship of two variables whose ratio is constant. I have come to the realization that the level of stress in my life can be gauged by the size of my laundry pile. The physical mass of that pile is inversely proportional to the level of control I am experiencing over my life at any given moment. Today the pile is large. In fact it has been several weeks since I have seen the bottom of the laundry basket (I should have taken a photo to remember it by). People in our house are starting to wonder where their clothes have all gone. Continue reading “The Math of My Life and My Laundry”

Cast On!

It’s been a challenging week. A tough one at work, not disastrous, we solved all our problems, and I found out I work with an incredible bunch of folks. A tough one at home too. My daughter is growing, rapidly, like dandelions in springtime, and she needs more sleep to fuel all that growth and all her play. Mornings have not been pleasant events around our house this week. So, we’re moving up bedtime. And, consequently, bedtime isn’t being much better received than “wake” time.

So I need good news, happy thoughts and relaxing activity.

My cousin is having a baby, and there is nothing happier than the thought of a baby being born into a family that will receive it an wrap it in all kinds of love, which is exactly what will happen in this case. This baby will have great parents. Two sets of excited grandparents to lavish all kinds of grandparently graces upon it and a really awesome “GG” (great grandmother) too. So there is my good news and my happy thoughts that make me smile.

And, there is my relaxing activity…I now have an excuse to sink my hands into supersoft baby yarn and knit a baby afghan, Continue reading “Cast On!”

Flush Therapy

How do I discuss this topic delicately, like any Southern-bred woman would? Hmmm.

Out in the world among us are poor, misguided souls who, bless their hearts, think that there is no odor when they defecate. These people are delusional of course, but how do you deal with them when they enter your life?

We have a potty -training two-year-old in the house, so we think and talk a lot about poop these days. As I have watched my daughter figure out what to do about poop, I have also learned a little about dealing with the metaphorical poop that is a part of daily life.

I highly recommend “Flush Therapy.” Continue reading “Flush Therapy”