Preparing Society’s Future Conscience

It's a really big job.
It’s a really big job.

If I said to you that this person’s work ensured that 10 years in the future your community would continue to be a safe place to live and work—that crime rates would continue to be low. You would probably say that person’s job was important.

If I said to you that this person’s work meant that we could continue to enjoy litter-free sidewalks, the beauty of fresh streams to fish in, woodlands in which to camp, hike and hunt, the majestic flight of the bald eagle, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe, you would probably applaud that person’s work.

If I said to you that this person’s work meant that technological advances to improve the lives of the vulnerable, injured and sick would be possible, that your community could be the birthplace of inventors, scientists, engineers and lawmakers, you would be excited to meet that person and call her “neighbor”.

If I said to you that this person has the job of preparing the conscience of the human race to meet the challenges of the future, you would probably say “Wow, that person has a big job. We better get the best person we can in the position, and support her as much as possible.”

That person is the teacher in your child’s classroom Continue reading “Preparing Society’s Future Conscience”

Role Models I

I’ve been thinking about role models lately. The media have been talking and writing about female role models a lot: Hilary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Sarah Palin. And those supposed “role models” have been talking and writing about themselves as well.

My life has been filled with great role models, and I have become an educated professional woman who is also a dedicated mother, wife and daughter. My role models, however, have never been the women of fame or fortune that society continually puts in front of me. Some of my role models have even been men (I realize this is practically heresy). Continue reading “Role Models I”