To Boldly Ask What No One Has Ever Asked Before

Playing in the dirt from a young age
Playing in the dirt from a young age

We had just passed a road construction site on the small two-lane state highway on the way from our hotel to my Dad’s house. The new road cuts and construction revealed bright red dirt— really red dirt, even by the standards of the Piedmont Plateau in Georgia.

From the back seat my daughter asked, “Mom, what kinds of worms do they have here in Georgia?”

“The same species that we have in Wisconsin, why?” I answered.

There was a thoughtful silence, then “But they poop out red dirt?”

It is truly a miracle that my husband managed to keep the rental car on the road.

Actually, it was an insightful question. Continue reading “To Boldly Ask What No One Has Ever Asked Before”

No P’s Please

Our daughter is right on the cusp learning to read. We have a couple of phonics and sight word games that she loves. When we read bedtime stories at night, she asks questions about the pictures, recognizes quite a few words on her own, and is quick to fill in the rhymes in Dr. Seuss stories.

She has figured out that there is great power in being able to read, and her fascination with words and language is keeping things interesting when we are out and about. Continue reading “No P’s Please”